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Resistance Training

Using weights, body weight and various training techniques, resistance training provides controlled stress to targeted muscles, which produce dramatically different results depending on the methods used. Resistance training is often utilized to achieve strength gains, weight loss, simple cutting and toning, and/or an increase in size/mass.

Cardio (Steady State)

This type of training employs a traditional, consistent state of exertion to burn calories and improve endurance. Clients aspiring to participate in any endurance sports (i.e. marathon running, swimming, soccer) will benefit from this type of exercise. 

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Utilizing repeated short cycles of intense exercise followed by short periods of rest, HIIT Training results in a compressed cardio workout that sheds fat and increases muscle definition and performance. 

Agility and Power (Off-season Prep)

Agility training teaches the body to start, stop, and change direction quickly and efficiently. This is coupled with training for explosive power. Off-season athletes and those training to improve sports performance often take advantage of this program. 

Stability Training

These exercises will challenge and strengthen your ability to balance and maintain control throughout all movements. This type of training can benefit:

  • Anyone who is new to exercising
  • Individuals recovering from an injury with compromised balance 
  • Seniors and others concerned about mobility, balance, and falling.  

Continuation of Physical Therapy

Patients are regulary advised to continue their strength and mobility recovery after completing their proscribed physical therapy sessions. This recovery often shows best results when utilizing professional equipment. 

Group Fitness Classes to begin Summer 2022

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